Back to Primitive Ages

What fuels politics?

Controversy, Money and obviously Publicity.

Our politicians never miss a trick or two to gather publicity at the expense of poor public. Though gathering cheap publicity through unwarranted statements and stupid one liner is something our politicians have thrived on for ages. They just stooped down to the lowest levels, with their remarks and statements on some of the recent events.

1.     Haryana’s share of primitiveness:

Haryana has been gathering lot of criticism recently for the rape incidents increasing every day in the state. From remote locations to urban Haryana, every part has seen an incident or two in past and when the issue required some serious steps from the state government; this was the reaction we received from the so called “responsible people”:

The ruling party:

The ruling party reacted to the whole situation lamely, calling it a conspiracy by opposition to malign their image. Obviously, the culprits have been absconding, considering the easy going attitude of the ruling government in state.

Congress, which is already struggling to come to terms with the Kejriwla attack and the growing discontent against its policies from the aam-janta (quote: mango people) should have done better than this in handling such a sensitive issue.

Blaming the opposition was a reminder on how much they have picked up from their favourite ally, Mamta Banerjee during her time spent in UPA.


Khap Panchayat:


Sometimes I find it hard to believe on who actually rules Haryana? Is it the Khap Panchayat or the Government? This has been long debateded topic and I would actually give my vote to the wise group of men called as “Khap” to be the real rulers of this state.

Since this was such an important issue, why would they be left behind in coming out with a suggestion to improve or get the situation under control and guess what, they did not surprise us. Their suggestion on getting girls married underage was actually a no brainer but then this Khap, The supreme set of brains available in the state and considering their past verdicts like honour killings, etc we are not surprised.


The Om Prakash Chautala “Ghautala”:


Huhhhh….Where was he for so many years? He must have thought that since I have disappeared from the politics of this land, why don’t I make a dhamakedaar comeback. He just reiterated what khap said with so much conviction that even we were zapped, if it was  former CM of Haryana speaking or was it coming from a dumb idiot?

Anyways, he got his quota of Fame and then retracted from what he said earlier.


2.     Mr. Coal Gate “Sriprakash Jaiswal”

I am sure by the time he reached home, after making his “Sexits remarks”, Mrs. Jaiswal would have gotten the divorce papers ready by then. We feel for her.


Mr. Jaiswal’s comment:


“As time passes, wife also becomes old,  that charm does not sustain”.


Obviously applies to her too L

All this makes us think on where we are heading for. Isn’t it like going back to the “Primitive Times”, when barbarism, chauvinism and ill treatment of women was something acceptable?


All these morons take every opportunity to disgrace someone, who gave them birth.


I wish there was a better system, a good education system or something, where we can educate these so called messiah of masses, sitting at helm of our government, making such irresponsible and “not so sexist” statements.

Off the record:

I know I have been in hiding for a very loooooooong time. Infact, the last blog I wrote was more than a month back. Not that, you all read what I write but then there is no harm in living under false hope of being read by some one J


The little one, just turned one year old and is keeping us entertained his new shaitaniyan picked up at a super-fast pace.

Till I write next, Ciao!!!


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