In India, Is every powerful and mighty a God?

Alright…it took me a while to discover the real god and when the enlightened happened, it was worth every moment of wait, I had been put through.


To start with, this article is a true piece of fiction and could be one of the best, since gone with the wind ;)


Here is the list of gods, I could unravel in my last few years of existence:


1. The politico-god:


Before elections, this god would visit your home, and ask for blessings. This is the only type of god, which is omnipresent and is Omni corrupt. The only difference is that the real prakop is shown by them, when they reach their temple, which is the legislature. These gods can then be seen on all walls of houses, sycophancy is the offering they feed upon, other than obviously, the good old money. Once they are elected, suddenly everyone is in awe of them, from mango men to the high and mighty of society.


They happen to be the most powerful and influential gods and a little Divya drishti from them on you are considered to be more powerful than the rewards you would get from the goddess of wealth.


All hail the politico-god.


2. The police god:


Descendants of the white god (British), who ruled india in a gruesome manner for ages. This breed of gods is the synonym for destruction and though it is a little ironic that they are meant to be the protector, they just are the opposite of their role.


You have to pray to them every second of your life, once you have visited their temple, called as police station.


Offerings to them vary from hard core cash to anything you can offer. Greed is what drives them and keep them up and running.


3. The god men:


Ahhhh… I don’t even know, if they are the gods or a bridge to god. My personal view point is that they are more powerful than the real gods.


Their modes operandi is very simple and sophisticated. Understand this, someone goes to one of these so called ‘god men’ with a set of problems and they give them some mantra, which obviously the Bhagat or disciple does not understand and still recites it tirelessly.


Finally, either good or bad happens and our god men earns in both the scenarios. The logic is simple, if something good happens and our Bhagat gets, what he had prayed for, he would be given humungous offerings to our god man and if it’s bad or the desire of Bhagat is not achieved, the god men asks them to stay and work with in the will of god.


We call it divine intervention.


Huhhh…I hate these god man so badly. If only my near and dear could understand that these dhongis never go to houses of poor or help the needy and even if they do, they help them from our money and we lie down straight in front of them, to follow every crap given by them.


My discovery of god can take a full book and it’s not that these guys are real but we are obsessed with gods and every single entity for us is a god. From days of week to sun, moon and the real god knows what.


The only constitution amendment, which is required today, is to give these gods an official entry into the already existing ‘million god’ list.


Million dollar question is that “Is being an atheist

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