MakeMytrip is all about spoiling your trip!!!

Hummm….I know this is not a blog where I have ever written about iOS and tricks. Sounds so bloody geeky!!! Never have I criticized anyone on my blog, other than politicians. I usually refrain from writing about businesses, as I know what a bad impact internet can have on them but this time it was different, I was recently cheated by one of the best know travel portals in country and wanted to share my experience.

Recently I was cheated (imagine ;) ) by on our trip to mussorie and I wanted to write this experience, so as to help everyone, who plans to book through make my trip or any travel site. Also, every time you plan to book through them, think of he go ibibo ad, where the doctor takes out a knife for a patient’s back and asks him ‘tum itney dhokey baar baar kyon khatey ho?’. Now I understand the literal meaning of this ad.

We decided to book a hotel through make my trip in mussorie for a Sunday. The booking was being done on Friday. Considering the fact that it is the peak season and I was literally taking a holiday after one year, I wanted everything to be perfect, so decided to book madhuban ( a four star property according to make my trip). The room’s tariff for one day was 7100 (approx.).. I did over stretch on my budget but then you don’t compromise on holidays, when they come after one year…right?

The guy coordinating with me on this portal was extremely courteous (only till we made the payments) and guided me very nicely till the step of Making payments. Once the payment was done, he assured me that you will soon get a conformation in 48 hours and your booking is confirmed.

When you book through these portals, you don’t doubt their honesty and professionalism….at the end of day, they are make my trip, the brand which advertises in ipl and is the official promotional or travel partner for yeh jawaani hai dewani.

We did not get any confirmation in next 12 hours and hoping that everything is fine, we left for our journey from noida to roorkee. On the way I decided I call this guy and ask him about the bookings and he assured me about’ everything being in control and you will soon get your confirmation’. For some reason, I sensed something foul and asked my wife to call him again, when I was driving and insist that he gives us a final confirmation ASAP, because we are almost half way through.

Again, same old confirmation shit, sir it is done and you will get Confirmation in sometime. We again called him back and then he dropped the bomb ‘ sir the hotel was not picking up the phone earlier and just not they confirmed that rooms are not available with them’. Boom!!! Their went our dream of a perfect holiday in drain and here starts the part, where I will show you how these big brands make a fool out of the Mango man.

He started pitching us another hotel called as tulip and said that tulip is a property of madhuban. While my wife was all set to drop the holidays, I was clinging on to my dream of ‘the perfect holiday’. This is a problem with librans, they are overly optimistic. You push them down from the cliff and they will have the optimism of growing wings and fly….just kidding ;)

We asked him about the hotel, etc, etc and he said it’s the best in league…blah-2 and I fell for it. We gave him a conformation for hotel and he gave us the deluxe room of this hotel in the same price, as madhuban.

The problem was that the business owner in me, somehow overpowered the libran and started questioning this booking. As soon as we reached roorkee, I called up this other hotel’s reception, as an anonymous traveler and asked them for price of their rooms.

He confirmed the price to be 30% lower than what make makemytrip had quoted us and their super deluxe room was on the price for which, we had paid for deluxe room. Add to it, the 20% discount he was offering, if we confirm the booking at that very moment.

I was furious and called back Makymytrip’s Sr. Travel Consultant (this is what the guy claimed he was) and blasted him. He gave the phone to his colleague and kept saying in background that they will not make a refund.

We kept negotiating and persisting with him about refund. Finally, he called us back and said we will upgrade your room to super deluxe. Our booking was for the next day and we had to take it with a pinch of salt.

When we reached mussorie, the hotel was nothing compared to what we had paid. It was Rs. 7000(approx.), we had paid for a super deluxe room and the rooms were not up to mark. Lastly, the property was not owned by Madhubad. L

Anyways the trip was good, as I was visiting Mussorie after 10 years and it was a good break to be there for One day.

Long story, short learning and here they are:


  1. When booking from an online portal, ask them about the conformation of bookings and their cancellation policy. Also, ask them, if this booking is under a 48 hour time frame, where they can confirm and deny the bookings.
  2. Always call up hotels and talk to them about their price. There are 80% chances, they will offer you a better deal than these portals.
  3. In case you have been trapped in a similar situation like ours, do not confirm the second booking until and unless, you have spoken to the hotel they are pitching you or you have read about the hotel on Internet.
  4. All these consultants from these travel portals are there to meet targets and earn huge commissions. Never, ever book a hotel recommended by them.


They will keep persisting with the hotel’s name time and again but remember, pushy marketing is about pushing low quality products. Good products sell themselves and are not supposed to be pushed.

  1. Lastly, don’t pay the portals 100% in advance and negotiate with them on upfront money.

We had been to a trip to Jaipur and ranthambore around 2 years back and satyed at all 5 star hotels at 50% of their price.

It was on spot negotiation and it worked J

To end it, MakeMytip, thanks for actually not making my trip and ruining it through your senior consultants.

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