God Built him to Last : #42

I don’t remember the last time I did a movie review. Must have been a series of average, decent or good movies that I have watched, which though were good but were never enough or inspiring for me to write about them.

Here I am reviewing one of the best movies I have watched in recent times. 42…I am sure many of would not have watched it, considering the fact that I does not have masala, action and drama, we all so much love J

42 is a movie about a first black baseball league player. It’s one of the rarest movies, where you get to witness the struggle of a person against apartheid and discrimination with sports as a background.

Considering the sensitivity of subject, the team involved in making of the movie has done a commendable job in handling every scene very professionally…No where do you feel that the story is going out of line or there is a part which is not interesting.

On one hand you have Manger Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford, in one of his best roles), hell bent on getting a black player to be a part of basketball league and on the other hand, you have a hot headed player, Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) playing against all odds and winning it all the way.

One of the scene which is worth mentioning is, where Jackie is taunted by an opposite manager about him being a black. The taunting is so humiliating that any mild mannered man would have slammed the coach at that very moment. You as an audience feel like getting indie the movie and slamming the coah and here is the great man, playing his game and doing what he does best. Slamming the ball for home runs.

Sounds so filmy. Right? It would be, if this was a fiction movie but then this is a movie based on a real life story of Mr. Jackie Robinson, who was later inducted in the basketball hall of fame and inspired a generation of black players to play baseball.

Other than the two main protagonists, you would love the acting of Nicole Beharie, who plays Jack’s wife in the movie and Andre Hollack playing Wendell Smith, who stands by Jackie through thick and thin of times.

Hats off to Mr. Jack (#42) : God had actually built him to last.

As far as I am concerned…I am Inspired to review movies again J

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