En route to 2014 elections

This is in follow up to my earlier article “2014 elections: the nautanki begins”. Well, we are almost half way past through the nautanki and now it looks very unpredictable. Especially, after the recent elections held in Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

With BJP trouncing congress in 3 of the bigger states and Aaam Aadmi Party humbling congress in Delhi, congress has almost lost its sheen. Probably, anti-incumbency reason or public looking for a change, they are in for big surprise in 2014 elections.

Here is how these parties stand today:

1. BJP:

Last time I started my blog with Congress and for a change, let’s start with bjp this time, as they have clearly decided to take congress head on.

Since the declaration of Narendra Modi a lot has changed. Despite Advani sulking (imagine…he still wants to be the PM ;) ) and some leaders inside BJP opposing Modi, the namo wave is definitely there.

At least, this is what I am expected to believe and since, Rahul Gandhi has been a “no-show” in all his rallies, this is what, I am made to believe. If you compare the crowd number in between their rallies, you would notice what I meant J and even Rahul Gandhi would agree to me.

With the latest wins in the 3 major states, BJP seems to be going full throttle for the upcoming 2014 elections and though, there is a perception about them increasing their tally by 30 to 40 seats from last elections, they would still not be able to get a majority. Reason being, their lack of base in southern states and lack of allies. Especially those, who do not want to offend Muslim votes.

I find the whole talk of him getting votes because of development in Gujarat rubbish. Gujarat is definitely a good state in terms of development but still lacks behind most of congress ruled states in country.

In last few weeks, I have visited official facebook page of Modi quite a number of times and the agenda is pure Hindutava veiled under the name of development. It’s like Hindus want Muslims to leave the country or go in to hiding.

Though he might be a good leader, which is yet to be proved. On the face of it, the fascism and “anti-Muslim” feeling does not look good and to act like an Ostrich, ignore the fact of insecurity in minorities because of him being the face of BJP is utter ignorance.

Not that, BJP has ever been a Muslim lover party in past, we have had babri masjid under them but to have a PM, under whose regime, godhra happened, I am not sure we want such a scenario, where we want such a guy to be PM of our country and this is where voters can be party spoilers for Modi.

Nevertheless, Advani is still fighting from gandhinagar and you never know, what aces BJP has up their sleeves.

 2. Congress :

Ohhh god!!! What was congress thinking, when they decided to make Rahul Gandhi face of their campaign. At least with manmohan singh, the PM did not speak much and when he spoke, he was so inaudible, we hardly heard anything. So, no damage was ever done J

With Rahul, he speaks without logic and makes my hatred stronger for “Crown by Inheritance and not by virtue” logic. Leaders are not born to kings and queens, they are built by virtue of their work.

He has been a letdown and the latest results are a reflection of what congress is missing. They do not have a leader, who can speak like Modi or can gather crowd like Modi. We all would agree that the last 5 years of congress have seen little or no economic growth…Infact, Manmohan singh and Ma’am would agree with me on this J

They have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Their only hope is that BJP does not get a majority and all the third front parties win a lot of seats and donate it to them…Obviously for a fees like no CBI, good ministries or back door payouts. Remember “Cash for Vote scam”.

The scam tainted party has been trying to get back into the good books of aam janta by supporting aam aadmi party to form government.

Will it be the salvation for Congress is yet to be seen? As of now, they are in a mess and it would take a herculean effort from the oldest party in India to form a government.

3. Third Front:

Confused earlier, zapped now and will be clueless in future. This sums up their struggle for 2014. Last heard “AIADMK” declared Jayalalitha as their PM candidate and…………….It did not even trend on Twitter J

Anyways, never to be written down, watch out for Maya ka jaal and Maulayam ki cycle in U.P, TDP ka taandav in AP or should I say telangana L and Lungi dance of DMK in Tamilnadu with Mamatha ki Mamata in WB.

And this is all we have “En route to Elections 2014”…Wait, I forgot AAP, the toast of nation.

4. AAP

AAP ki Aam Aaadmi Party proved every one wrong in Delhi and are preparing to fight loksabha elctions. So far so good, the party has had its share of controversies. Still, the one point, which still amazes me is the agenda on which they have fought “Corruption” and they almost won Delhi single handedly.

There are detractors, who call them inexperienced or cynical or selfish and though, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I would like to see them at least getting once chance. Give them a chance guys, we have had so many years of congress, bjp, etc, etc and what have they given us? I do not need to answer this question for you.

To sum it up, 2014 is going to be very interesting and we can definitely expect a hangover after the elections.’

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